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How to fix a zipper ? Fork Trick to Put Zipper Heads On Zipper Yardage

How to fix a zipper

Good morning it’s a different lady and I wanted to show you a really cool card trick with a fork to put the pools on your tape reciprocate and I stopped 91 different types and colors of Zipper by the yard train said every time you get ready to do a project because today has in between the three times and I don’t have to mess with it if you need to are you sure X just a little tiny.

How to fix a zipper ? Fork Trick to Put Zipper Heads On Zipper Yardage

Oceanside glass salad fork and Salvation Army but it’s in 1970s Fork clamps that I normally use on my table and then I have what I call my baby clam which is a 4-inch are used for for my invisible trying to get an idea that they all do look the same to you this is a number 15 molded is so number 5 number 10 is the difference in the way the shoulder is square Inc Square teeth this is rounded off oil so this is a number 10 this is a number 10 double so this would be used in a tense situation where you want to be able to open and close a zipper in the inside me out and this is free and this is what I use in my cosmetic bags with just to give you an idea that this is a 10 mm rounded easy ways to do that sit and put it on whatever you’ve got so let’s start with the number 10 coil coil pics of proud of the tape when you put the pool wanted us on the side it has a slot where to take us through and the coil has to go okay so I can do my fingers is just not a big deal for me to do it this way because I’ve been using this my zipper specifically for about ogaps 1994 how many years is that that’s pretty scary and from the open end again I got one side just a little bit shorter so I can time. Of time on either side of the bridge like that nn I’m simply this or if you have a tummy like mine and and then you just checking it on just like that the back of the head how can do it either way so I’m going to put it on with the slot towards me which means that my teeth is upside down is it has to fit into that cruise just there to give you a second hand the 


number 3 again you’re going to slide it down until it stops on your fork and then you can do one of two things you can put it in this way using it upside down tenure tape needs to be upside down you just chicklet & to those slots just like that this slot on the sign if you want to do just one side of it there is simply a like to know and you can easily do this so that you’re trying to tighter together just like that he’ll remember your zipper also have to be upside down so the coil is down and is it going to rain in Slidell near trying to spell with them super trick for the morning extra food this is principal a go out and make it an adventure today call for now .


You need to follow the video below :



Good luck !

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